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Online Go Server, Announce Merger

D. Cooper Stevenson

On 19 October two developers, Matthew Jones and Akita Noek, suprised the the nearly 53,000 Online Go Server members and the world that they sucessfuly merged OGS with Even though they were prepared to put in the effort, they knew that it would take the right combination of factors and timing to make the merger a sucess. This is their story. Continued...

Formation Magazine Inaugural Issue Released!

D. Cooper Stevenson

Two years ago Robert Terry, a noted Go author and creator of the Go Wizardry web site, asked if I would create diagrams for his fourth book. I agreed to create sample diagrams and sent them to him. My diagrams were 'strict' black-and-white affairs I created in LaTeX, a professional typsetting system.

Meanwhile, Doug Cable, 2-dan, introduced me to Go after having summarily spanked me at a game of chess. Through the way he taught the game I could immediately see Go's beauty. For me, at least, it was a better model of life; Go was not a 'winner take all' affair, but rather a cooperative rivalry sharing an experience.

I began studying the game in detail. I placed the board on the table and read through introductory books with stones in hand. While I enjoyed studying the subtler aspects of the game and testing the stones through their varations. Still, on occasion I found myself switching from learning the concepts to the physical conditions under which I studied. By this I mean that the diagrams were hard to read—often stretching several moves in variation. I too had to make sure I kept the books steady lest I knock the stones from their places on the board. Continued...

Copyright© D. Cooper Stevenson. All rights reserved.