Typesetting & Publishing

Clean Typography

Be Subtle. Be Bold.

The art of delivering your message on paper is really about delivering your passion. Visualize your reader's experience, not only through your words but also through your format. Your book should grab your readers' attention giving them cues as to what your work is about. Deliver what your message has in store before your readers read the first word.

'Euthyphro' is a work I did to challenge my typesetting skills. You'll notice that the book is designed for perfect binding, noted by its offset.

Note the pages are, after binding dimensioned to the golden ratio, page dimensions appropriate to a Greek work. Also, notice the left and right side margins—they are designed to help the reader scan Plato's work with notes and references for more information.

All in all, I wanted the book to be something the reader would take ownership of—to highlight, write in the margins, and make it their own.

Write For Effect

The written form of language is beautiful—it can take you away to distant lands, elicit dramatic struggles between protagonist and villain, and make you feel as if you are there. We've been practicing the art and craft of putting words to paper for over two-thousand years and we're pretty good at it.

From Gutenberg's first typeset words to today's literature traveling at the speed of light our ability to communicate in the written form has wrested its power from the hands of the elite to the individual author.

My typesetting services give your readers a truly enjoying experience from reading your work. I carry out designs with your readers in mind—how would I experience your writing? I visualize myself in an easychair sipping tea or hot chocolate for a novel or on a bus with the book folded back on itself if its a comic book. I immerse myself as one of your readers and emerge as your typesetter, bringing your vision to life.

I welcome the opportunity to turn your novel into the book you've always dreamt of. I will walk you through the publishing process, including how to create your eBook and publishing it online with sights such as Amazon.

Publishing & Marketing

Start The Presses.

After typesetting, your book needs printed in signatured book form. This means collating the pages so that they may be collected into folded signatures of 16 pages each, having both front and back pages printed to, in the correct order. Care must be taken to ensure the book's margins will be correct (really, they must 'feel' right in my opinion, though the math usually works out precisely if not very close) after trimming.

From here your book can be printed with a quality laserjet printer or sent off to the printers for binding. The former is nice as you can send a professionally printed manuscript to your publisher for review, making your book stand out from the crowd.


I designed my typesetting workflow with eBooks in mind. I wanted to be sure that you may sell your work simultaneously in book and eBook form. I go a step further, though, as I ensure that you eBook matches as closely as possible your printed work. I think the reader deserves consistency when they switch between reading your novel on paper and on their phone.