Sales Presentations: 'Show, Don't Tell.'”

It was a dark day when Powerpoint was released. Otherwise good people subjected audiences around the world to sleepy bullet point lists. The narration wasn't much better, droning on as they did like machines who's programmer forgot to add inflection to the presenter's voice processor.

Life's better than that and your audience deserves it; engage them and they will engage you. Besides, you feel more confident with quality presentations backing you…bullet lists be gone!

My sales presentations emphasize graphic impact. They work because they grab the audience's attention and hold it. They also give the presenter visual queues to give a natural, 'living' presentation—your pitch feels like an engaging conversation, not projected mediocracy.

Candidly, I'm fast at building presentations. I find it a lot of fun. Giving your presentations sizzle is a challenge I actually dream about. Yes, I often wake up in the morning exclaiming, Eureka!”

Client Proposals: 'Better Than The Rest'”

Presentations are fantastic but you need to give your clients well-thought out proposals to close the sale. Proposals should be created with the knowledge that they will be poured over for hours by both senior and technical staff members. This is your opportunity to shine.

Well written proposals ultimately save time as they also serve as a blueprint for your deliverables statement. Your proposal turns into a living document that you can modify using change management tools and immediately communicating the changes back to the client.

I will not rest until you have exactly the proposal you have in mind. I will ask you intelligent questions until we get it right. And then I'll go over your proposal once more just to make sure. You can then submit the work to your potential clients having the confidence that you've embodied their business goals.