D. Cooper Stevenson

For Businesses

Web Site Development
  1. Dynamic Content

    The world isn't static, so why should your web site be?

  2. Fluid Design

    Sites that flow from phone, to tablet, to a billboard in Times Square.

Graphic Design
  1. Sales Presentations

    “Show, don't tell.”

  2. Client Proposals

    You're the experts. Make it count.

Systems Engineering
  1. Infrastructure Design

    Your client just ordered 20 times the capacity you are now serving, are your systems up to the task?

  2. Server Expertise

    From Custom-compiled Virtual Machines to High Availability to Sharded Databases, I leave nothing to chance.

Ideas. Delivered.

Holistic design, that is the key. The product must reflect your clients' spirit—listen. Reason your design solutions with high ethical standards manifested innately through accuracy, quality presentation, and attention to detail.

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”

— Plato

I have dedicated my career to providing that standard and I am excited about technology today—more than I have ever been. Finally we have the capability of reaching people beautifully…no matter where they are or when they are. Technologies change but the keys to unlock your client's dreams never do—understand the heart of their business and the rest will follow naturally.

For Authors

  1. Clean Typography

    Ready to publish? Submit your manuscript created by someone who actually cares about your subject.

  2. Ready For Press

    Send your book to the printer in signatured, book form.

  1. eBooks

    Let your readers read your work—as you intended it—anytime, anywhere

  2. Dynamic PDF's

    Give your readers interactive charts, links, and other features you may not have thought possible.

  1. Sales

    Get your book out to buyers. What are you waiting for?

Web Presence Design

Differing browser technologies across various platforms is no excuse for bad design, nor is static content. Build your pages dynamically from ever-changing data and render it correctly on devices from iPhone to iMax

Systems Engineering

I create technology for people, not for the 'gee-whiz' of it. Because of this I know intimately how to create server farms from the lowly racking up of the bare iron to planning three-phase electrical requirements for 10,000 node, highly available server farms.


It's not enough to spark new ideas, create new technologies, and deliver them to your client. You have to communicate your vision and implementation effectively.